Best Breakfast Eateries in Cape Town

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Grabbing a substantial bite to eat in the early morning can be tough cheese. Between dropping your kids off at school and sitting in peak-hour traffic, you’re lucky if you’ve had more than a couple slurps of soggy Weetabix. This is a shame, considering Cape Tonians are spoilt for choice when it comes to quality breakfast eateries. To make your mornings that much more enjoyable, we have come up with restaurants that serve up the best eggs bennies, fry-ups and health breakfasts in Cape Town.

Pink Coffee Boutique and Bistro


This suburban coffee shop is known for their organic coffees, fine homemade treats and most importantly, all-day breakfasts.

If you like to switch things up a bit by having breakfast for lunch, Pink Coffee Boutique and Bistro provide a wide selection of breakfast dishes available from open to close. We’re not talking breakfasts that emanate a greasy McDonald’s ‘Egg McMuffin’. No, at Pink Coffee Boutique and Bistro, all tastes are catered for. If you’re following the banting trend – try out the ‘No Carb Breakfast’, which comes with an egg (either poached or scrambled), smoked salmon and cream cheese. Alternatively, try out their signature breakfast ‘Pinkalicious’ – a traditional fry up and a hangover cure for those sneaky mid-week benders.

Raith Gourmet

raith gourmet

This butchery cum delicatessen is a favourite among the locals for its specialised German delicacies.

What makes Raith Gourmet an attractive breakfast eatery is its ‘breakfasts with a difference’. If you’re looking to stray away from a traditional English breakfast, we suggest you try out the ‘Bavarian Weisswurst’ served with brezel and sweet mustard, or prosciutto on scrambled eggs with tomato and mozzarella.

Many a coffee drinker could vouch for Raith Gourmet’s caffeine. Slurping down a cup of their strong Italian coffee, Haus Brandt, is the ideal start for an early-morning riser.

Bread Café


While the speciality of this Café and Deli is in its name, their breakfasts will also knock your socks off.

If the idea of having a sweet treat for breakfast tickles your fancy, then you best try out ‘The Woodstock’. With this dish, guests can enjoy a homemade almond croissant served with a cuppa coffee. If you’re more of a savoury person, then opt for Bread Café’s unorthodox breakfast meal, ‘The Breakfast Burger’. This meal is bound to clog up those arteries with its greasy burger topped with streaky bacon, a fried egg, and served with a side of fries.

The Company’s Garden Restaurant

company gardens restaurant

Set in the heart of Cape Town is the Company’s Garden, a tranquil break away from the fast-paced lifestyles of the metropolis.

Its location makes it a prime spot for stressed-out businessmen looking for a quick bite to eat, and has a picturesque view while doing so.

For the not-so-hungry, ‘The Gardener’ provides you with just enough to fill the spot – with its servings of bacon, grilled tomato and fried egg on rye. If you want to go healthy yet are unwilling to skimp out on flavour, ‘The Bird Cage’ provides you with a generous portion of home-roasted muesli with yoghurt and berries.



While many a night reveller has enjoyed a couple pints at Barristers, what may be unknown to many is that it is also a prime spot to nurse those hangovers the morning after. With its comprehensive breakfast menu, Barristers caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

Kick start the day with ‘Barrister Bagels’ – which are lightly toasted and served with an assortment of fillings. This breakfast snack is a popular choice because it is scrumptious and easy on the wallet. If you’d like a little fish for breakfast, opt for the traditional ‘Scotch Kippers’ – the fish is poached in milk and served with onion relish and an egg.



If you’re looking for an Al Fresco dining experience, then look no further than Lyras. Their strong Italian coffees are unbeatable, and the breakfasts cater to all preferences.

We suggest you give the ‘Omega’ a try; this tasty number will get you two scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, fried balsamic tomato, rocket and cream cheese. For the hungry, opt for the ‘Match-Maker Omelette’. This monster meal is a three egg omelette that comes with a variety of fillings to choose from.

Four & Twenty

four and 20

Four & Twenty was founded by two classically trained Cordon Bleus chefs who both had a love affair with France and its cuisine. Guests to the café will be treated to a wide range of French delicacies.

Early-morning diners enjoy a variety of classic breakfasts and a few not-so-classic dishes for those with adventurous taste buds. If you’re not in the mood for a hot meal, the roasted white chocolate, strawberry and honeyed Brazil nut granola is a must-try, especially if you’re a health ‘nut’ with a sweet tooth. Alternately, go back to basics with an old-time favourite, ‘Green Eggs And Ham’.

Mimi – The Delicious Food Company


Mimi’s is a friendly, relaxed meeting place that offers affordable breakfasts to their diners. Opening at 7am, early-morning risers can start the day on a good note while beating peak-hour traffic.

Mimi’s offers a range of healthy breakfasts, with their fruits salads and selections of yoghurt, muesli and honey. If you’re a fan of crumpets and bacon, take the opportunity to merge the two with Mimi’s ‘Crumpet Stacks’. There are a variety of these ‘fusion’ dishes, but our favourite is the crumpets topped with bacon and fried banana drizzled in maple syrup.

Salisbury Deli and Coffee Shop


Salisbury Deli and Coffee Shop is a favourite among worker bees in the area.

Acting as a bustling deli, food, wine and coffee shop, diners will be sure to enjoy a spectacular array of breakfast dishes.

A visit here would be incomplete without having tasted the house coffee, Tribe’s Espresso blend, a creative fusion consisting of nine international coffees.

To accompany your coffee, ‘The Salisbury Breakfast’ provides you with toasted rye smothered in sweet pepper jam and topped with bacon, poached eggs and Swiss Emmental cheese.

Jonkershuis Constantia Eatery


For a bit of opulence, visit Jonkershuis Constantia and enjoy a meal with spectacular sites of the majestic Groot Constantia Valley.

Diners can enjoy the ‘Smoked Salmon Trout’, which is served on sourdough and accompanied by scrambled eggs, fresh dill and potted cream cheese. For the not-too-hungry, ‘The Ciabatta French Toast’ is a light snack of cinnamon sugar, syrup and summer berries.

If these restaurants don’t quite tickle your fancy, have a look here for other great breakfast eateries. If you’ve experienced quality breakfast food at places we haven’t mentioned, please let us know by commenting below.

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