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Feastt – Parktown North’s Trendient, Healthiest, Child-Friendly Restaurant!

In the heart of the hustle and bustle of the demanding city of Johannesburg, nestled in the in vogue suburb of Parktown North lies a food treasure waiting to be discovered. Introducing upmarket, child friendly restaurant Feastt Café!

Feastt Café is a family orientated deli and restaurant that offers delicious food that can only be described as the best of both worlds: decadent comfort food that is wholesome too. Feastt offers healthy, appetising food at reasonable prices to those seeking an intimate dining experience in an alfresco, child friendly environment. Whether you are a parent or not, you’ll find the kindred spirit within, eating mouth-watering food with a child-like curiosity and the opportunity to explore your playful side and engage your inner child.

As a mom and foodie, owner Rene Miles has always felt t there was a gap for a restaurant providing gourmet food where children and adults were equally welcome. That is why Feastt is a little piece of heaven that caters to young and old alike. The dining experience is that of nutritious food, made from quality natural ingredients.

All the food served at Feastt embraces a move towards hearty meals using local, seasonal food. The menu is adapted monthly to support the seasonality of all the fresh ingredients used. The aim is to eliminate the use of imported produce and for this reason all the product suppliers are carefully selected to compliment the business ethos.

Kids’ Activities

A variety of fun kids’ activities, including chefs in training classes are offered. Feastt encourages growing kids to explore their kitchen, and to learn about food through tangible discovery and exploration.

A health and seasonal kids menu is offered.

Functions and parties

Birthday parties for kids and adults, baby showers, high teas, and corporate events are hosted and catered for by Feastt according to your specific needs.

Adult cooking

Speciality cooking classes for adults seeking to enhance baking and other skills are hosted every month. Check our Facebook page for the month’s classes.

All the dishes on the menu are sold in the deli with a range of interesting preserves’ chutneys and cookies. Feastt offers outside catering for gyms, businesses and functions. Look out for the schedule of activities on our Facebook & Twitter pages.

10 Minutes with Rene Miles – Owner of Feastt

 1.     Tell us a bit about your professional background, and how you get became a pastry chef and restaurateur?

I practiced as an Advocate at the JHB Bar for a number of years and then moved into business in the financial service sector, first with Liberty Life then PSG. I held the position of CEO of the Life and Unit Trust business for over 5 years.

2.       Do you remember that ‘defining moment’ when you decided to change careers?

It was always a dream and when I had my 40th birthday I made the decision to take the plunge. It did however take two years to exit.  I owed a smooth transition to PSG with whom I had a lengthy career

3.       How did the idea for Feastt come about?

It has been in dreaming for many years and as a mom and foodie I got very frustrated by the lack of choice offered for good food for adults but also for kids in a child friendly environment. So I wanted to create a space providing just that.

4.       What inspires your menu?

I do a lot of research into food trends and combine that with seasonal produce available – so far that has really worked for Feastt.

5.       What’s your favourite dish on your menu?

The steak Sandwich and red velvet cake

6.       How important is buying from your local supplier to you? Do you support local?

We don’t use any imported produce in our food or shops where possible. You can’t inspire wholesome choices in food if you do it at the cost of the environment

7.       How important is working with fresh food to you? Do you ever work with tinned or frozen goods? 

You can taste the difference and where possible we use fresh but unfortunately it is not always possible.

8.       What is your vision for nutrition and education for kids and adults?

In the artificial busy world we live in there are so few wholesome food options available. Wholesome food should be a lifestyle choice not a trend.  I would like to inspire adults and kids not to cook but to understand what it means to cook wholesome and real food.

9.       Plans for the future?

I have opened a second shop doing whole some food but not in a child friendly environment catering for the corporate market and the plan is to expand both brands in the next year. My dream is to open a new shop every year and so far so good.

10.   Funniest moment in the kitchen?

One of the aspiring chefs persuaded me to allow her to make pastry by herself. I look away for a minute and she put the mixer on full blast. The next thing we were covered in flour from head to toe with a full restaurant watching us

11.   What is the cutest thing a budding young chef has ever said/done in the kitchen?

Kids made pancakes and on the second try they told the chef that he should watch and learn

Click here for contact details for Feastt Restaurant.

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