Pineberries and other hybrid fruits

Pineberries, tangelos, grapples and plumcots. No, these are not foreign words. They are just some of the weird and wonderful fruit hybrids that are becoming popular around the world. In most cases, these fantastical fruits are the work of agriculturists who create hybrids of two or more fruits by cross-pollination: the transfer of pollen from the flower of one plant to the stigma of another. In other cases, the hybrid is a work of nature itself, where two fruits have cross-pollinated on their own.

Here are some of the most impressive fruit hybrids:

The Pineberry


The white pineberry is a cross between a Chilean berry and a berry variety from Virginia, USA. Apparently is it does have a distinctly pineapple flavour, though.

 The Tangelo


The tangelo is half tangerine and half grapefruit, otherwise also known as a ‘pomelo’.

The Boysenberry


The boysenberry is the result of the cross breeding of blackberries and raspberries.

The Meyer Lemon


This hybrid of a lemon and an orange is naturally occurring and was discovered near Beijing. Apparently it is sweeter than a lemon but less acidic than an orange.

The Grapple



The grapple is a seemingly unlikely hybrid of a grape and and an apple. In reality, it is more like an apple which has a slight grape flavour.

The Limequat

limequatA limequat is a cross-breeding of  limes and  kumquats.

The Plumcot


What do you get when you cross the juiciness of a plum with the tartness of an apricot? Why, a plumcot, ofcourse!

What other fruits do you think should be crossed?


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