South African Xmas trifle recipe

Are you wondering what dish to bring to Xmas lunch or dinner? Why not make up a classic South African trifle? It’s quick and easy to make, perfectly cool for our hot summer days and bound to get you in a festive mood.

Check out this simple recipe here:


Traditional South African trifle:

1 large Swiss Roll or trifle sponge cake
1 packet of jelly (flavour of your choice)
75ml sweet or medium sherry, rum, brandy or another liquor
Fruit of your choice, peeled and sliced (berries are ideal, but peaches and banana work well too)
Custard (home made works best!)
Chopped nuts or berries
Whipped cream
Grated chocolate


  • Make the jelly and allow to set.
  • Make the custard and allow to cool.
  • Slice the Swiss Roll (or sponge cake) and place at the bottom of a large glass bowl.
  • Pour the alcohol over the swiss roll/cake
  • Chop up the set jelly and place over the cake at the bottom of the bowl
  • Add fruit to the concoction and  pour custard over
  • Sprinkle nuts or berries on top
  • Cover with whipped cream.
  • Decorate the top of the trifle with the nuts and/or grated chocolate.
  • Refrigerate and serve cold
  • Enjoy!


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