The Best Sushi Restaurants in Cape Town


‘Let’s do sushi’ is a common phrase used by many South Africans. Whether it’s a Friday night celebration to welcome in the weekend or a treat to commiserate the mid-week hump, we all like to feast on platters of sushi – the more often the better! Not only is it a trendy way to catch up with friends, but the delicacy is simply delicious and a culinary work of art. If you’re looking for great sushi in Cape Town, then take a look at these quality restaurants.

Quay Four

quay four

Being the oldest restaurant at the V&A Waterfront, Quay Four has gained much credence over the years for its good food, festive vibe, and spectacular views that overlook the harbour. Bearing this in mind, it won’t come as much of a surprise that this eatery dishes up some rather impressive sashimi and California rolls.

Diners who are looking for something small to whet their appetites can do so with a three-piece prawn, salmon, or prawn sashimi. For a veritable feast for one or a meal to share with your significant other, give the 12-piece ‘Quartermaster Platter’ a whirl. This dish features a variety of all your favourites, including six pieces of salmon and tuna sashimi, two pieces of four pieces of prawn and salmon nigari, and two rolls.

Diners looking to kick back and relax can do so at the downstairs ‘Quay Four Tavern’, where you can leave your airs and graces at the door. For a more elegant affair, make your way on up to the opulent ‘Upstairs @ Quay Four’ restaurant.


sushi paranga

Ideally located on the sunset strip of Camp’s Bay, Paranga boasts panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and the mountain side. Customers can lap up the understated luxury of the eatery while enjoying the sushi varietals that are up for the taking.

Diners looking to stick to an old faithful can choose between salmon, tuna, prawn, or California fashion sandwiches. For those who have more experimental pallets, Paranga’s ‘Rolls Royce’ comes highly recommended. This indulgent treat is a mayo-dressed roll that is topped with crayfish tail, avocado, scallions, and caviar.

Accompany your sushi with a glass of chill wine or one of Paranga’s signature cocktails. Relax and kick off your shoes at the outside terrace, or if you’re looking to impress your date, take it up a notch with the elegant, intimate booths situated indoors.

Panama Jacks

sushi panama

From its humble beginnings as a dilapidated boatyard, Panama Jacks has become a household South African name because of their dedication toward providing superior seafood cuisine.

Moreover, their sushi is not just your ‘run-of-the-mill ’takeaways but are culinary masterpieces that combine unique flavours and ingredients together.

The five-piece ‘Fresh Line Fish’ sashimi is a flavour-filled dish of Cape salmon, kabeljou, and yellowtail. Alternatively, Panama Jack’s provides meat-free sushi options for vegetarian patrons. The ‘Futo Maki’ is a vegetable-based, extra-thick roll that comes in four pieces, topped with cucumber, avocado, pickled radish, and mayo.


sushi 321

Blowfish Restaurant ticks all the right boxes, providing an authentic seaside experience, picturesque sunsets, and tantalising sushi.

‘Mountain Top Noveau’ is the eatery’s new and improved sushi dish. If you’d like some additional hotness added to your food, you’ll enjoy this spicy tuna roll, topped with panko fried prawn and a spicy, creamy mayo. For the ultimate sushi deluxe, ‘Grenades’ is worth testing out too. As the name would suggest, this roll-based dish is a taste explosion that is topped with spicy salmon, tempura crumbs, and slathered in spicy mayo and a teriyaki dressing.

Bluefin Seafood and Sushi Restaurant

blue fin

If you’re looking for sushi of the highest regard and a vibrant setting to boot, then it’s about time that you took a visit to the Bluefin Seafood and Sushi Restaurant. From traditional sushi to the chef’s innovative culinary creations, this eatery caters to the whims of all sushi-lovers.

Diners with a sizeable appetite or looking to share platters among friends can opt for the restaurant’s signature dish, ‘The Bluefin Platter’. This platter is a whopping 38-pieces of salmon and tuna rose, tuna crunch, bean curd nigiri, tuna sashimi, prawn tempura, and California rolls. The ‘New Style Rolls’ are geared toward diners who are looking for some sushi with a bit of pizzazz. Our recommendation is the ‘Golden Calamari Rolls’, a dish consisting of calamari tempura and pickled radish, topped with a sweet chilli mayo.

While the delectable sushi options make Bluefin Seafood and Sushi Restaurant the chosen eatery for many, what makes it even more appealing are their ‘all you can eat’ sushi specials. Pay a mere 139 bucks and you get to eat to your heart’s content.

Wong Thai


Considered by many as the best Thai Restaurant in the Western Cape, diners are in good hands at this eatery. If you’re looking for authentic Thai flavours and spices blended into your sushi, you won’t be left feeling disappointed after indulging on a platter or two at Wong Thai’s.

Not only will you be able to taste some innovative culinary creations, but you’ll have the opportunity to see your sushi being made right in front of you at the exhibition kitchen. Customers who like an incredibly spicy meal will enjoy the ‘Wasabi Parcels’. This four-piece dish is one of the chef’s speciality dishes, consisting of wasabi sauce and salmon as a filling while the parcels are layered on the outside with pieces of salmon and caviar.

Poplars Restaurant


It’s very rare to find quality sushi in the heart of Wineland country, yet Poplar’s restaurant is a favourite among sushi-loving locals. This upscale eatery provides you with an intimate dining experience that oozes sophisticated elegance.

If you’re in the mood for a traditional seaweed roll, the six-piece maki dish has been a major hit of passed diners. Alternatively, try out the sizeable ‘Chef’s Plate’. This is a monster-sized, 26-piece dish that consists of avocado maki, salmon roses, tempura prawn rolls, tuna sashimi, and salmon nigiri.

Salushi Intaba


Set in the heart of Claremont’s commercial hub lies the trendy eatery, Salushi Intaba. With wraparound views of the mountains and surrounds, diners can enjoy a tranquil setting at the restaurant’s outside terrace while dining on artfully prepared sushi.

For a quality, signature dish, opt for the ‘Bon Bon’s Gift’ – a fashion sandwich wrapped in salmon and topped with mayonnaise and caviar. Alternatively, if you’re looking to be surprised, ‘Josef’s Cucumber Rolls’ will intrigue you with their ‘secret’ ingredients wrapped in cucumber.

Bella Bellota


If you’ve got a hankering for a fashion sandwich but have kids who don’t have the acquired taste buds needed to enjoy sushi, then head on down to Bella Bellota in Durbanville. This family-run restaurant will cater to the taste buds of your mini me’s while filling you up on their sushi dishes.

Customers looking for a ‘between meals’ snack can enjoy the bite-sized ‘Mini Hand Rolls’ filled with salmon, prawns, or both. For something that’s a little more unique, the two-piece ‘Bean Curd’ is a fried tofu pouch filled with rice and your filling of choice.

Rock Sushi Thai

rock thai

Rock Sushi Thai has been a veritable hit among the Newlands community for its unique and tasty sushi offerings.

For diners unafraid to get a little sheepish while ordering the ‘Cucumber’s Screw’ will find that the only thing dubious about this dish is its name. If you’re looking for more of a variety, the 24-piece ‘Arigato’ will set you straight. This large platter consists of crab, tuna and salmon California, salmon sandwiches, sashimi, and salmon and tuna nigiri.

If you know of any good sushi bars or restaurants in Cape Town, please comment below.

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