Distillery Road Gin & Barker and Quin celebrate Spring

Be Spoilt for choice this spring, Distillery Road Gin and Barker and Quin, two premium locally produced Stellenbosch brands have teamed up to create the perfect gift pack. The limited-edition gift pack is set to be a massive hit with Gin Lovers and includes a bottle of the popular Distillery Road Gin, 8 different Barker and Quin tonic blends and a garnish wheel with suggestions for each tonic!

Distillery Road Gin is the third locally produced Gin to come from the award-winning Autograph Distillery stable. The popular Gin draws inspiration from the history of the site on which the brand makes its premium and award-winning spirit, 13 Distillery Road in Stellenbosch. Like the other gins in the Autograph range, Distillery Road’s story is unpacked in a highly captivating manner on its label, brilliantly designed to capture the history of Bosman’s Crossing and its surroundings. A modern gin for the contemporary gin drinker, Distillery Road, is a wonderful blend of old and new; “think a contemporary taste created with the London dry method’ says Autograph & Distillery Road Gin distiller Matt Beech.

Barker & Quin, is a premium tonic made from select natural ingredients, including quinine, mixed together with mountain spring water to form the perfect tonic.  Much like Distillery Road Gin, Barker & Quin aims to create a superior product, a tonic for the discerning South African gin drinker. Their citrus flavours and spices are created from distilled essences, and their quinine harvested from the bark of Chinchona trees in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Combining these ingredients with spring water from the Breede River in the Slanghoek Valley, they have created a delectable tonic, free of artificial sweeteners, colourants and flavourants. Barker & Quin tonic water is delicious enough to be drunk on its own, but add it to a craft gin, and you create a unique gourmet drinking experience

Ideal for the coming warmer months, the new Spring promotion will be available from the Autograph Distillery for R350 (recommended retail). You can also order directly from Distillery Road contact candice@autographgin.com

For more info on Distillery Road follow them on Instagram: @distilleryroadgin or Facebook: Distillery Road Gin or visit https://distilleryroadgin.com/

For more info on Barker & Quin visit the website https://barkerandquin.co.za/ or follow their social media platforms for regular updates:

  • Facebook: @barkerandquin
  • Instagram & Twitter: @BarkerandQuin
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