Doppio Zero Launches their New Winter Menu

Main Doppio- Doppio Zero Launches their New Winter Menu

Doppio Zero first launched their brand in Greenside in March 2002 as a small bakery and café, serving delectable breakfasts, gourmet pizzas and Mediterranean style food. Since its first inception and due to its growing popularity, Doppio Zero has extended to 12 restaurants (a blend of franchise, corporate and joint venture partnerships), each with their own following. Another massive accomplishment by the Doppio group, is the opening of their first international restaurant in February 2014, located in Alexandria, Egypt, a feat only a handful of South African Restaurants have achieved.

Doppio Zero is known for their fresh ingredients and innovative ideas, as their recipes are a complex blend of Italian and Mediterranean cuisines. They are famous for their delicious breakfasts, freshly brewed coffee, yummy brunches, light quick lunches, tasty dinners, and daily baked pastries and cakes.  All the restaurants stick to their roots by including a bakery element to each branch, some baking their goods from scratch, onsite, daily while others enjoy fresh deliveries of their delicious bakes daily.

Citrus Bowl - Doppio Zero Launches their New Winter Menu

The vision for the brand was to be recognized as a leader in their field, and they have definitely established their brand as a strong contester for the top of the list. Their value of quality and hands-on approach have largely contributed to their popularity, as well as their tendency to revisit and rework their menu’s to include fresh ideas and seasonal ingredients. Doppio Zeros marketing strategy is centred around strong community involvement as well as seasonal campaigns highlighting various aspects of their menu. The group has a strong passion for their communities and giving back to the less fortunate, they have partnered with local businesses and local schools in order to help alleviate the stresses of the poverty plaguing their surrounding communities.

Doppio 1 - Doppio Zero Launches their New Winter Menu

A result of their innovation, Doppio Zero is proud to present their new, flavourful Winter Menu. It boasts healthy and warming meals from slow-cooked stews, thick soups to steaming one-pot wonders. Although there are fewer foods that are in season in winter compared to readily available products in summer, winter boasts some surprising healthy produce, so you can still splurge on the foods you really love.  The new menu has quite a number of new dishes, including the Citrus Jar (grapefruit, orange, pineapple with cinnamon flaked almonds, poppy seeds & double thick yoghurt), The Arnie (grilled chicken fillet, sautéed baby spinach, scrambled egg whites, feta & cherry tomatoes), and Doppio’s Famous Breakfast (eggs any style, bacon, beef, chilli lamb or hormone free pork sausage, grilled halloumi, mushrooms, balsamic grilled tomato, zucchini rösti & toast), all are healthy yet very filling.

“We all know that winter can be drab, which is why Doppio has created a cosy, warm and inviting  environment that lifts your mood,” says Tarryn Nash, marketing coordinator at Doppio Zero. “A social place, with a sense of community. There’s always a Doppio close to home…so no need to travel far, making it the perfect place to go when you feel low and enjoy comfort foods.”

So head down to Doppio Zero for some guilt-free food this winter!

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