Doppio Zero Sandton City Reopens with Coco-Me

September 2019, the Sandton City branch of Doppio Zero reopens, taking the restaurant’s longstanding reputation of seasonal innovation to a whole new level.

Patrons of Doppio Zero know that come Spring – Summer, Autumn or Winter – the menu is revisited and innovative ideas emerge on how the season is best enjoyed in the restaurant’s ‘artisan café meets traditional Mediterranean-fare’s’ dishes, offerings and designs.

This Spring is no different. Only better.  Doppio Zero seems to adapt to its environment as easily as Sunday mornings, Tuesday afternoons or Friday nights. Evidenced in the refurbished Sandton City restaurant’s interior that is designed for spaciousness, while comfortably seating 200 patrons. Airy and bright, with a combination of open glass areas and golden hued fittings. Welcoming, with solid wooden furniture and ultra-modern counter tops and flooring. While the rich wallpaper designs and fabrics, and areas like the ‘lazy booths’, bring gravitas to its Mediterranean lineage.

Set to be the flagship design for its restaurants, one would be hard pressed to find a more authentic sense of what Doppio Zero stands for. A meeting place of minds and hearts; of daring design and comfortable function; of friends and family; of seasonal trends and an ever evolving sustainability promise, evidenced in its stance on reducing their carbon footprint and healthy dining options. Including a menu section dedicated to vegans and allergen sensitive or health conscious diners and even a 6 week long specialised menu dedicated to healthy and delicious dishes and freshly squeezed juices called FRESH.

Having said that, there’s no denying chocolate is always in season. However this Spring, a premium Belgian chocolate range from the famed Coco-Me, is on the menu. The launch of which will find Doppio Zero at the top of any foodies taste-bud-delight list. The chocolatier’s creations are made to ‘dare, disrupt, innovate and inspire’. Not unlike Doppio Zero’s own restaurant canvas.

Once again, South Africa’s much loved meeting place proves itself worthy of its loyal following of friends over the last number of years. If you aren’t already one, a visit to the revamped Doppio Zero Sandton City restaurant will turn you into one – as you wipe that decadent, melted Belgian, Coco-Me chocolate moustache off your lip.

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