Fun Halloween party snacks you can make yourself!

Halloween is just around the corner!
If you’re throwing a Halloween party, here are some ideas for fun, easy to make halloween themed snacks to try out.


A Frankenstein’s monster ice-cream! All you need is a green cone (or dye a regular one with green food dye) and some black icing.

20-halloween-treats-for-kids-i-halloween-recipes-and-food-ideas-2Stick some white marshmallows onto straws and use sweeties for eyes. You can draw faces on them with edible koki or icing sugar.

b9ee4874271173f7942f214de8cb0827Some amazingly decorated halloween cupcakes for the more creative out there!

halloween-party-food-diy-halloweenHalloween themed candy apples. Yum!

Halloween-Party-Food-Ideas-For-Kids-1Another easy one! Get some oreos, use smarties for eyes, and cut up some red licorice  for the legs. Ta Da!

spider bugs

Not all Halloween party foods need be unhealthy, how about a halloween stuffed pepper?

halloweeganpepperSome creatively arranged carrots and olives

Veggie-Tray-PumpkinOr you could make spooky creations with some bananas and naartjies.

994259_632015540156576_240737356_nHappy Halloween!

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