The Hottest Indian Restaurants in Johannesburg

indian foodWhile spicy, hot cuisine is not everyone’s cup of tea, those who are attuned to the taste will have the occasional hankering for an authentic curry, breyani or buttery naan bread. To make your search for the best Indian cuisine easier, we have done our homework and have compiled a list of the best Indian Restaurants in Johannesburg.

Bombay Blues

A visit to Bombay Blues immerses you into the rich, culture heritage of India while introducing you to the delights of the cuisine. These dishes, infused with specially prepared herbs and spices, will tantalise your taste buds with their powerful aromas and varied tastes.

Whet your appetite with the ‘Palak Shorba Soup’. If you’re generally not a fan, cast aside any reservations you may have as this is no ‘stock standard’ cuppa soup.  If you enjoy a good lamb, the ‘Kareli Ki Nihari’ comes highly recommended. This speciality dish is left to slow-cook overnight in a rich stock basting.

If chicken is more to your liking, opt for the ‘Murg Hyderabadi’ – a meal of marinated chicken pieces seasoned with spice and smothered in a rich tomato gravy. End the evening off on a sweet note with a relaxing cup of Masala tea or some kulfi ice cream.

Taste of India

While Taste of India in Rivonia emanates the spirit of India, the cuisine is a blend of traditional and contemporary-style cooking.

For the non-vegetarians, the ‘Lamb Shish Kebab’ makes for the perfect starter. This delicacy is prepared on a skewer in a clay or ‘tandoori’ oven and is well-seasoned with various herbs and spices.

Vegetarian diners looking for a fulfilling meal will be thoroughly satisfied with the ‘Paneer Palak’– a speciality Indian cottage cheese prepared with spinach and cream.
One can never go wrong with ‘Chicken Korma’, this is a firm favourite for lovers of Indian cuisine. Gorge yourself on tender pieces of chicken cooked in a rich cream and crushed cashew nut sauce.

Curry Palace
curry palace

While a visit to traditional Indian eateries is characterised by gold-plated ornaments and vibrantly-coloured tapestries, a more of a contemporary approach is taken at Curry Palace. Here, an emphasis is on minimalism, with a neutral colour pallet and abstract murals adorning the walls.  However, despite this, the cuisine comprises of authentically North Indian meals. Experience an array of traditional dishes such as tandoori cooked dishes, breyani and hot curries.

As there is a strong focus on sharing in the Indian culture, we suggest you give the ‘Mixed Tandoori Platter’ a try. This sizeable dish serves two people and won’t leave you feeling hungry.  Feast upon specially marinated chicken tikka, risme and lamb mince kebabs, samosas, and a mixture of deep-fried vegetables.

If you’re looking for a scrumptious meal for one, the ‘Chicken Vindaloo’ is a dish of boneless chicken pieces that is cooked with potato and slathered in gravy. If you’re looking to ease up on the spices, opt for a milder gravy sauce.

Maharaja Restaurant

Having been in the restaurant business for over twelve years, Maharaja Restaurant have had years to perfect their culinary creations.

If you’re looking to impress a date with a unique dining experience, Maharaja Restaurant provides you with the perfect setting – combining elegance with a warm and comfortable ambience.

Meals up for the taking are varied and mainly originate from Northern India. ‘Vindaloo’ is a hot, tasty dish from Goa prepared with an Indian tonnato sauce, ginger and garlic. The vegetable-based ‘Thali Dish’ is equally delicious, consisting of Paneer Makura, Chan Masala, Yellow Dhal, rice, one piece of naan bread, and two potato samoosas.


Spiceburg is a ‘one-of-its-kind’ Indian restaurant in Greenside, offering both North and South Indian Cuisine that are laced with the finest spices and seasonings.

While boasting a modern interior, the restaurant holds onto its traditional Indian heritage with vibrantly coloured tapestries adorning the walls.

Diners who are more sensitive to hot foods will enjoy the varietals of South Indian cuisine. These dishes are known to use less masala and are far milder than North Indian foods.

The ‘South Indian Soup’ is a delicious starter for lovers of seafood – it is a crab soup consisting of chunky crab meat. The ‘Manchurian’ is a favourite among returning diners, and with good reason. The dish follows a specialised recipe that uses bunches of cauliflower florets, corn and plain flour, ginger, spring onion, red chilli, tomato, and soya sauce – choose between the ghobi, chicken, or prawn.

SWAD Restaurant

If you’re looking for traditional Indian dishes served in a royal-styled setting, then you’d better head down to SWAD Restaurant for an innovative culinary experience.
At the restaurant, all preferences are catered for – from the meat-eater who likes a moderately hot meal to the vegetarian with a more sensitive pallet.

If you’re looking for a light, vegetable-based meal the ‘Kairi Paneer Tikka’ is a homemade cottage cheese that is stuffed with mango chutney, and cooked in a traditional Tandoori oven.

For mains, opt for SWAD’S signature grills. A dish that comes highly recommended is ‘Bhatti Murg’, which is a whole baby chicken marinated in Punjabi spices, and grilled in the oven.

For a nibble in between meals, this eatery is a haven to bread-lovers with their wide selection of naan. Try out the famous ‘Malabar Parotta’, a South Indian bread that is bound to fill the spot while you wait for your mains.

Mantra Indian Cuisine
mantra indian

With a team of experienced chefs who like to mix ethnic culinary styles, you’re in good hands upon a visit to Mantra Indian Cuisine.

What makes the dining experience all the more enjoyable is the exhibition kitchen. Here you get to see your favourite dishes being expertly prepared while learning a thing or two about cooking up an authentic Indian dish.

Pick and choose between starter nibbles, like the ‘Aloo Tikki’ or ‘Mixed Veg Platter’ that can be shared between two people. For a meat-based starter, the ‘Nawabi Sheekh Kebab’ is a skewer of braised meat.

Opt for the ‘Tandoori Chicken’ if you’re looking for a large meal. This dish is a half chicken marinated in a red tangy yoghurt, barbequed in a tandoori oven, and served with a helping of  flavoured rice.

The Classic India
classic india

While the decor of Classic India is highly modernised – with highbacked chairs, an open-plan design and a neutral colour scheme – the cuisine is cooked in a traditional Indian way. The menu is expertly prepared, consisting of North Indian dishes.

A meal that comes highly recommended is the ‘Lamb Rogan Josh’, which is a boneless lamb cooked in a  spice-filled Kashmiri gravy. Alternatively, the ‘Chicken Vindaloo’ is perfect for patrons who prefer to eat white meat. This dish consists of a spicy chicken seasoned with hints of lemon and coconut.

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