Autumn Inspired Ice-Cream and Wine Pairings

clos malverne ice-cream and wineWhen: Tuesday-Saturday, 10h00-16h00

Where: Clos Malverne Wine Estate, Stellenbosch

Price: R65

What does autumn taste like to you? Have you ever bothered to think about it before? Executive chef at Clos Malverne’s in-house restaurant, Nadia Louw Smith has.

The Restaurant @ Clos Malverne has long been celebrated for their delicious wine and ice-cream pairings however, with autumn ‘round the corner, the days of enjoying ice-cream in the sunshine are coming to an end. This hasn’t put a damper on Nadia’s spirit though. On the contrary, it has inspired her to create a new range of flavours embracing the change of seasons. So, what can you expect from ‘autumn-flavoured’ ice-cream and wine pairings?

  • Fig, lemon and chilli ice-cream compliments a good glass of Clos Malverne Sauvignon Blanc. The fig brings out the fruitiness of the wine. The lemon brings out its freshness while the chilli adds a new dimension to the Suavignon Blanc.clos malverne chef
  • Apple crumble ice-cream compliments the Pinotage le Café. The apple flavour highlights the coffee bean and mocha flavours while the crumble flavour draws your attention to the smoky undertones and slight sweetness of the wine.
  • Tomato and thyme compote ice-cream goes well with the Pinotage Reserve. The tomato compote brings out the fruity flavours in the wine while the thyme exposes its complex woodiness.
  • White chocolate, macadamia nut and coffee ice-cream is delicious with the Honey Dew Dessert Wine. The coffee flavour works to bring out the sweetness of the wine while the macadamias draw attention to its nuttiness.

For more information about this small, family-run vineyard outside of Stellenbosch or to find out more about the ice-cream and wine pairings, go here.

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