Morrells Boutique VenueThis year the prestigious World Luxury Hotel Awards (WLHA) ceremony was held in Phuket, Thailand. The awards were established in 2006 to recognize the worldwide, luxury hotel industry and to honour legendary hotels with respect to their overall service excellence. The glitzy ceremony saw some of the world’s most impressive hoteliers and representatives from the finest hotels, lodges and resorts descend on the paradise-like venue. Among them was Morrells Boutique Estate. At the end of the evening, the proudly South African hotel was not only nominated for, but returned home with, the award for Best Venue and Luxury Hotel in South Africa.
The awards are positioned as the pinnacle of achievement for luxury hotels the world over. As a result, growing numbers of discerning travellers around the globe are now making a point of checking up on which establishments have won a WLHA, before making their travel accommodation choices. These travellers recognise that the WLH Awards indicate excellent value, impeccable service and the highest quality overall experience.
It is a true honour to win one of these awards, which recognise establishments by country, continent and on a global level. Awards were presented to hotels and hotel groups from Australia to Africa, South America and Europe.
The criteria for nomination in the World Luxury Hotel Awards is overall service excellence as defined by an establishment’s guests. It is all about the personal touch and a consistent caring attitude to each and every person who comes through the doors. The goal is to surprise guests and exceed their expectations – something Morrells is well-known for doing.
Morrells would like to thank every one of our exceptional guests who voted for us and helped Morrells to win “Best Venue and Luxury Hotel in Southern Africa”.
Morrells also has an exceptional restaurant on the property known as the Boutique Venue. It might be well worth your time and money and give it a try!
Find the details of Morrells Boutique Venue on Dining-OUT.

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