Pilgrim With A Purpose – StreetSmart South Africa

Melanie Burke, the Chairman of StreetSmart SA, is undertaking a 120 km pilgrimage on the Camino Francés in Northern Spain between 17 – 25 June 2019, in an effort to raise awareness and R50 000 for the upliftment of homeless children in South Africa.

Melanie has lived between South Africa and Spain for the past 5 years. It was also 5 years ago that the collaboration with Cape Camino started, to do an annual StreetSmart Pilgrimage in Cape Town. This was the beginning of Melanie’s love for putting one foot in front of the other while enjoying the majestic beauty of the Cape and stilling her mind through the connection with nature. This experience, and an invitation from a friend, inspired her to walk 120km of the Camino Francés pilgrim route from Logroño to Burgos, in Northern Spain.

“Having only ever walked two days at a time before, a week-long hike sounds like a scary challenge, but an achievable one too. Being away from home and work commitments will give me the time to decompress and follow my thoughts wherever they want to go, something I have not made time to do recently. I expect the physical and mental requirements may be difficult for me so I hope that the simple rhythm of putting one foot in front of the other will focus me,” says Melanie.

This fundraising walk is unsponsored and all costs are borne by Melanie.

Should you wish to donate to this cause, a donation pledge form is available on http://www.streetsmartsa.org.za/donation-form.

For any questions contact StreetSmart SA at 021 447 3227 or email comms@streetsmartsa.org.za.

Help us to make a difference to vulnerable and street children’s lives.

Thank you for your support.

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