Italian Deliciousness and Limoncello on the House at Bardelli’s Kenilworth

Bardelli's KenilworthThe air outside was chilly as we walked briskly to the restaurant, shoulders hunched against the cold. The short distance between parking lot and restaurant entrance felt like an eternity and having saved myself since lunch time in order to properly enjoy the Bardelli’s fair, I was hungry as ever. Stepping into the restaurant however, things improved ten-fold.

Being ‘Wine Wednesday’, a pleasant special we hadn’t anticipated, the restaurant was warmed by wine-toting diners and buzzing with conversation. Without a reservation, we waited at the counter as the obliging manager ‘made a plan’. The plan turned out to be a small table tucked in the corner of the room, bedecked in a red checked table cloth with a mismatched array of chairs. The window sill alongside served as some bonus space and became home to the candelabra and condiments.

Within minutes of settling in, the manager was back, explaining the wine special – selected South African wines of the highest quality sold by the glass at just over cost-price. We took advantage of the special and drank the most delicious Jordan Merlot for R35 a glass. A long overdue catch-up session prevented us from engaging too much on the subject of wine, but the manager showed his willingness to do so if we had been more interested.

Shortly after placing our orders, our respective plates of spaghetti meat balls, pizza and vegetable lasagne arrived – safe and soul-warming options which don’t really do justice to the extensive Italian menu. We agreed the whole meal was incredibly good value and the food hit just the right spot for such a chilly evening.

Three main courses 3 glasses of wine, 3 coffees and 2 shared desserts down and the restaurant had quietened down a bit. Our chatting went on for a long time and yet we were made to feel very welcome, even being offered some home-made limoncello on the house. When we finally got down to paying the bill and taking the plunge back into the cold night air, we complimented the manager and waiter on great service and yummy food and committed to spreading the word about Bardelli’s Kenilworth far and wide.

The word is: Go to Bardelli’s Kenilworth for dinner one night. There is a lovely atmosphere, warm and efficient service and delicious Italian food. Their specials are just a cherry on top!

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