Spier Introduces New Organic Harvest: A Garden-To-Glass Tasting

As the demand for more naturally produced wines – that taste just as good – rises, Spier’s new Organic Harvest: a Garden-to-Glass tasting at Spier proves that regenerative farming is a win-wine situation.

Spier has launched a new tasting experience, the Organic Harvest: a Garden-to-Glass Tasting. The new tasting combines award-winning organic wines with vegetarian bites made using fresh ingredients straight from the Spier Food Garden.

Certified organic wine is made with grapes grown without the use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals. At present, all vines on Spier’s own farm are organic. This way of farming nurtures the vineyard as a living ecological system and allows for grapes full of incredible flavour and complexity.

Spier’s Organic Winemaker, Tania Kleintjes, explains, “The big difference with organic wine is in the vineyard – not the taste.” As a complement to their organic wine initiatives, this unique tasting is paired with fresh produce from the farm garden. The Spier Food Garden has been transformed from an old horse paddock into a thriving horticultural hotspot to grow delicious and nutrient-rich produce using eco-friendly and regenerative techniques.

The new tasting features four delicious organic wines, including Good Natured Sauvignon Blanc, Farm House Rosé, The Yellowwood Red and First Stone Red. The tasting starts with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc from Spier’s newest organic range, Good Natured. Launched in 2022, the holistically farmed Good Natured wines arrive as Spier aims to reach a net zero carbon footprint by 2030. The range of premium, organically-certified wines has been nurtured in line with an ethos that bears good fruit, reflecting Spier’s commitment to ethics, the environment, and socially conscious farming. This wine is paired with a Spier garden roast vegetable tartlet, confit tomato, and goats cheese.

Next up, wine lovers will be treated to Farm House Rosé. This silky Shiraz rosé — made with organic grapes grown at Spier — serves up abundant strawberry with hints of vanilla and pepper culminating in a dazzlingly fresh finish. It is paired with cream of tomato soup and a parmesan tuille. The tasting continues with The Yellowwood Red, paired with shitake veloute and mushroom ragout, ending with the grand finale: the award-winning First Stone Red paired with a 55% dark chocolate brownie truffle.

Spier Cellar Master Johan Jordaan shares:

“Making organic wines is in keeping with Spier’s ethically, environmentally and socially conscious farming philosophy in which we harness the goodness of nature in ways that are kind to the earth.” 

Put simply, these wines don’t just taste good, they do good. 

The Organic Wine & Garden Bites Tasting is available at the Spier Tasting Room for R160 per person and is vegetarian-friendly. Reservations required.

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