The Dining-OUT Fisherman

Fishing at Cape PointA couple of days ago there was a bit of commotion in the office. I looked up from my desk and swivelled my chair ‘round only to discover the guys I work with huddled around a plate of food. Turns out it was a plate of fish and rice, lovingly caught and prepared by Dining-OUT’s very own Langford Matthee! Given that I’d spent the previous day researching SASSI sustainable seafood, my interest was piqued and an interview ensued…

Dining OUT: So Langford, what sparked your interest in fishing?

Langford Matthee: My Dad… He took me out to Fish Hoek and from then I was “hooked”. Having that time alone with nature and with your Dad is satisfaction on its own.

DO: Haha. Love the pun. What style of fishing do you do these days? Deep Sea, Fly, etc.

LM: Rock & Surf

DO: Which spots do you recommend around CT/SA?

LM: Definitely Cape Point and just outside Cape Town you have Arniston, which is a prime spot for fishing for different species of fish.

DO: Cape Point is a nature reserve though, so what kind of permit regulations are there? How do you secure a permit?

LM: Permits are purchased at your local post office for a fee of R80. This enables you to fish for a full year (365 days). You should have it on you at all times when fishing as inspectors drop by unannounced for inspections.

DO: Knowing how well your fresh catch went down at the office, do you always eat what you     catch?

LM: Actually not :)… I usually “catch and release”… so that the next generation can experience fishing as I did/do. If the fish is nice and big I will keep it and share it amongst my friends.redroman © SASSI

DO: What is the biggest fish you have ever caught?

LM: Red Roman (about 50cm)

DO: And “the one that got away”?

LM: Cast my line in…. about 5 min later I feel this hard bite and my rod starts tipping… I slowly reel the fish in and release the line so I can tire the fish. The fish was about 10 meters away and then… BANG!… a seal bites the fish off my line. No hard feelings 🙂

DO: Oh no! Any other memorable fishing experiences?

LM: I had planned a fishing trip with friends 2 weeks in advance. We packed up the car and hit the road. After a 2 and a half hour drive we reached Arniston and started setting up our fishing equipment only to realise that one of our friends had left his fishing rod at home. LOL.

DO: Apart from ‘remember your fishing rod,’ do you have any advice for people interested in the sport?

LM: Take time and enjoy the hobby… it’s all about respecting nature.

DO: Cheers to that! Thanks so much for the chat Langford!

If you are less inclined to go out in search of your own food, unlike noble hunter-gatherers like Langford, Dining-OUT has a variety of great seafood restaurants on the list!

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