The Greenhouse launches Dom Perignon Tasting Menu

DomPerignonTheGreenhousePic1The Greenhouse launches exclusive Dom Perignon Tasting Menu

The Greenhouse at The Cellars-Hohenort, Eat Out’s Restaurant of the Year 2012 and home of Grand Chef Peter Tempelhoff, is delighted to launch an exclusive Dom Perignon tasting menu.

 What better way to showcase one of the world’s best champagnes than pair it with the progressive African cuisine of The Greenhouse.

DomPerignonTheGreenhousePic2Instead of breaking the champagne down into flavour profiles and fruit nuances, Peter Tempelhoff decided to take the ‘Virtues of Dom Perignon’ and paired them up with ingredients with similar virtues. Sensuality is one of Dom Perignon’s most recognisable virtues; with this course Peter has paired two different dishes which include lobster and oyster.

The Complex virtue of Dom Perignon is matched with a dish that marries Quail, bacon, parsnip, hanepoot grapes and chamomile.

Other virtues of Dom Perignon include Precise, Vibrant, Fresh and Rhythmic – to name but a few.

DomPerignonTheGreenhousePic4This extravagant and multifaceted menu will be found in a stylish black menu which sets it aside from The Greenhouse’s normal menu. The Virtues of Dom Perignon Tasting Menu is priced at R3200 per couple. The menu is only available for 2 people, or multiples of 2 with a maximum of 12 people in a party. This exclusive dining experience needs to be pre-booked at least 24 hours in advance.

“I am really excited about this partnership with Dom Perignon and have created a menu that I believe works really well with the amazing flavours of this world renowned champagne. We hope to create a very unique and special experience for the guests who book to do this tasting menu. Two carefully researched glasses have been selected to serve the champagnes depending whether the Champagne is served chilled or at room temperature and with what course” says Peter Tempelhoff.

To book The Virtues of Dom Perignon Tasting Menu Click Link

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