Blue Bird Garage Market: Things to do in Cape Town in Winter

Blue Bird Garage Things to do in Cape TownIn Cape Town, the long Easter weekend often signals the end of summer. With the dropping temperatures casting the beach from your list and the increasingly rainy weather preventing other outdoor pursuits, you might be looking for things to do in Cape Town, a city centred on nature. Eating and drinking are always fun things to fall back on, and the Blue Bird Garage market makes it even more so.

Set in an old aeroplane hangar in the vibey Muizenberg Village, this market space packs quite a punch when it comes to funky atmosphere and an awesome eating venue. Some of its distinctive characteristics include a high ceiling, held up with wooden rafters dripping with bunting. As your eyes pass over the beams your line of sight will occasionally be interrupted by the odd suspended surfboard too, reminding you of your location, mere blocks away from one of Cape town’s most popular surfing beaches (incidentally another of the awesome things to do in Cape town in winter, as a surfing friend once noted, ‘To hell with the rain, surfing gets you wet anyway.’).

As with many markets in Cape Town’s burgeoning market scene, the food emphasis is on wholesome, home-style quality fare. On any given Friday you have the option of Indian style rotis, a potjie stew courtesy of the Potjie Boytjie, gourmet pizza or Portuguese style steak (among other things). In Cape Town, no eating experience is complete without a nice bottle of wine, and the Blue Bird Garage has a great little bar stocking good wine, a variety of craft beer and some other interesting surprises.

Not only does the market function as a sit down meal space, it also offers one the option of Things to do in Cape Town Blue Bird Garage marketstocking up on supplies like fresh, organic veggies, home-made fudge and artisanal breads and cheeses – the necessities, obviously.

If you’ll be in the mother city over the cold, rainy winter period, you should definitely take note of the Blue Bird Garage. When you have exhausted all other things to in do Cape Town, the warm, bustling atmosphere, live music and good food will lift your spirit, as will the shopping opportunities which include bespoke jewellery, second hand books and interesting artworks. Furthermore it is totally child-friendly, complete with a play area.

You can find the Blue Bird Garage at 39 Albertyn Road, Muizenberg. It is open on Fridays from 4pm to 10pm.

*A potjie is a traditional black, 3-legged pot placed directly into the flames with your choice of ingredients thrown in to stew to your liking.

Photos © Blue Bird Garage market

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