Valentine’s Day at the Dining-OUT office

Valentines Day at Dining-OUTIn the spirit of Valentine’s Day on Friday, we decided to spice things up a little around the office. It culminated in a dress-up competition, a tea party and a little game or two as well as a goody bag each and, of course, plenty of heart decorations all over the place. We also collected donations for the Salvation Army’s Carehaven shelter for women and children. Here are a selection of photos from the day.
Valentine's Day goodie bags Dining-OUT
Walking into the office on Friday morning we were greeted by ‘LOVE’ bunting hanging in the doorway and a pretty bunch of flowers, at the base of which was a basket of Valentine’s Day goody bags
Valentine's Day tea party @ Dining-OUT
In addition to dressing up, we each contributed a nibble to our tea party spread, which ended up including salmon cream cheese, marshmallows, chocolates, cupcakes and crackers.
Valentine's Day donations at Dining-OUT
We also collected books, clothes, food and an assortment of other things which is going to the Salvation Army’s Carehaven shelter in Athlone, which provides a sanctuary for abused women and children in the form of shelter, counselling and skills training which helps these women to feel more empowered. If you’d like to help them out too, you can contact the shelter at
The Dining-OUT team, Valentine's Day style
This is us! All dressed to the 9’s in shades of red and pink. Evidently people’s interpretations of ‘dressing-up’ are different, with some people having just a touch of colour in their ensemble and others going all out. Can you spot the ‘Bee’ my Valentine?

A special thank-you goes to Maxine Woodruff for organising the fun day and Tatum Arnold for snapping the pictures.
Did your office do anything special for Valentine’s Day? If so, what?!

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