Introducing Benguela Cove’s latest Vintage: Pinot Noir 2014

May saw the much celebrated launch of the Benguela Cove Wine Estate Pinot Noir 2014 with a series of special wine tastings.

Pinot Noir PR Image 03

The first event was held on Saturday May 16th at the Manor House on the beautiful lagoon wine estate, located at the start of the Hermanus Wine Route. The second tasting event was held on May 23rd at the Benguela Restaurant at Lakeside Lodge, on the banks of Swartvlei Lagoon, at Sedgefield on the Garden Route.

Visitors sampled the Pinot Noir 2014 in the first flush of youth, which promises to turn voluptuous as it ages, say the estate’s winemakers. A medium-bodied wine, it already exhibits grace and power.

The unique profile of wines from the estate results from the special growing conditions at Benguela Cove, on the shores of the Botriver Lagoon, at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. The south-easterly sea breeze is chilled by the Benguela Current flowing up from Antarctica. This cools the grapes at night, after warm summer days, so the grapes ripen slowly, irrigated by above-average rainfall, for superior viniculture.

The tasting notes describe the cherry and bright red berry fruits that form the backbone of the Pinot Noir 2014, whilst hints of spice and forest floor can be detected. The palate shows a suave elegance, neatly framed by polished, grainy tannins. Good balance and graceful poise are amply exhibited.

For food pairing, serve it with virtually any dish but especially with lamb, Coq au vin, game and rabbit.

Benguela Tasting Room

Visitors to Lakeside Lodge can also select from Benguela Brasserie’s extensive menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner, open from 8am- 9pm daily, closed from 5pm Sunday and all day Monday in the winter. Resident Chef Kelly-Anne Pietersen has a growing reputation on the Garden Route for her French-inspired cooking.

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