Wine and Pizza Pairings at Brenaissance

Brenaissance pizza & wine pairing, Dining-OUTCafé Blanc de Noir at the Brenaissance Wine Estate and Stud Farm is once again hosting a food and wine pairing. But this one has a difference. In a twist on the conventional wine and cheese pairing, Brenaissance is pairing 4 of their exceptional wines with 4 varieties of pizza. Each slice combines a number of mouth-watering ingredients which work together to bring out the flavours of the wines.

The pizza and the wine are delectable in their own rights, but together things are taken to a whole new level. The pizzas have exceptionally thin and deliciously crispy bases with a fresh tomato base, and instead of your traditional round shape, here you are treated to rectangular pizzas beautifully presented on a wooden board – aesthetically pleasing and easy to eat!

A novel interactive place mat, with full instructions as to how the process works, details names of the wines, pizza slice combinations and the order in which you should proceed with the tastings.

This is what you can expect…
You start with Knight of White – a silky smooth butterscotch and citrus Chardonnay which is paired with a slice of salty Parma ham and pungent Parmesan pizza. A treat for the taste buds indeed, which firmly sets the standard for the pairings to follow.

Next in line is the Queen of Hearts – a well-balanced Merlot with hints of mint and chocolate, paired with a pizza of caramelized onion and goats cheese, and without doubt a perfectly matched combination. The taste sensation is superb and thank goodness there are two slices to savour as one is definitely not enough!
Brenaissance pizza & wine pairing, Dining-OUT
Not to be outdone by the Queen, the Full House Bordeaux blend, with its dash of petit verdot juss, has been paired together with traditional South African ingredients – biltong, glazed fig and avocado pizza. This is a delightful combination and tastes as good as it looks with a rocket garnish and fresh tomato base.

Last, but by no means least, comes the Jack of Diamonds – an impressive jet black Shiraz with its spicy berry palate. A bold wine needs a bold combination of taste and texture, so what could compliment it better than Cajun chicken, spicy chorizo, red onion and mushroom pizza. This will surely be a winner with those who enjoy fiery flavours.

With these combinations on offer, you’d be silly not to take on the Brenaissance pizza and wine pairing!

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